Crisis Management

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Crisis Management

A looming business crisis can take many forms – a poor earnings report, an employee or customer complaint, a threatened lawsuit, a notification of a government investigation or the commencement of a grand jury investigation. In any of these circumstances, the ability of management the ability of management to determine the source and seriousness of the potential problem – quickly, efficiently and confidentially – can mean the difference between survival and ruin. 

Employing an inter-disciplinary crisis containment approach, The Mattice Group can provide management with the tools it needs to respond effectively to unanticipated legal, commercial and financial threats. 

Given the complexity of today's legal and regulatory environment, few managers have the breadth of experience, or the time, to respond quickly and effectively to unexpected legal problems. Sandy Mattice, with over four decades of legal experience as defense counsel, federal prosecutor and federal judge, has dealt with a very wide variety of such crises. That experience has permitted him to have seen firsthand which approaches work, and which don't. 

Sandy Mattice's history of work and connections with other business professionals – including accountants, investigators, appraisers and public relations experts – has enabled him to assemble quickly the right team to address the particular crisis at hand. 

Sandy Mattice has developed and taught a graduate level course in Legal Crisis Communications at the University of Tennessee College of Law has lectured on the topic at Georgetown Law Center in Washington, DC. 

He has guided corporations and their officers and directors through a wide variety of high-profile federal and state investigations, including DOJ, IRS, SEC, EPA, EEOC and IGs from various departments of government, as well as represented them in a similarly wide variety of civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions.

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