The Mattice Group is committed to favorably resolving its clients’ legal issues and protecting and preserving their reputation and brand in the process.

Sandy Mattice

After 20 years of federal government service, most recently as a district judge and before that as United States Attorney, Sandy Mattice has returned to the private practice of law.

Sandy has formed The Mattice Group, a firm that takes a holistic and often interdisciplinary approach to the resolution of its clients' legal problems. When a client faces legal jeopardy, much more than money – or even liberty – is usually at stake. The Mattice Group is committed to favorably resolving its clients' legal issues while preserving their reputation and brand in the process. 

Drawing on his four decades of experience and contacts handling a wide variety of high-profile legal disputes - as a defense lawyer, a congressional investigator, a federal prosecutor and a federal judge - Sandy understands how to leverage his own expertise with that of other professionals to achieve an optimal result for his clients.

Attorney at Law Sandy Mattice standing next to an American Flag

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The Mattice Group focuses on government and corporate investigations, including legal consultation and representations associated therewith. In addition, The Mattice Group has the resources and capabilities to address the crisis management and related communications strategies that are so often required to help the client navigate its way through the broader court of public opinion. 

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